About Us

With over 22 years of consumer expo production experience and 60+ Expos under our belt, Brevard Expos provide the ultimate arenas for you to showcase your products and services to pre-qualified, captive audiences.  We truly care about your experience in our events and even more importantly, your results.   Our marketing expertise guarantees well-attended, professionally orchestrated events with greater than 40% percent of each Expo’s budget allocated to marketing.  As an exhibitor of ours, you don’t have to get your business “out there” for all to see.  Rely on our marketing expertise to bring the business to you!  After exhibiting with us, you will find our customer service and attention to detail are unmatched by any other local show producer.

Why Participate?

Today’s economy demands selective use of your marketing budget and research shows that marketing dollars are best spent by bringing products directly to the consumer where they can see, smell, hear, tasteor touch your product.  In fact, Expos are the only forms of marketing that engage all of your senses.  There is no other marketing opportunity that features face-to-face interaction with qualified consumers that attend for the sole purpose of obtaining information regarding purchase decisions. From individual exhibit booths to impressive multi-booth displays to custom sponsorship packages, we have so many opportunities to help you grow your business.  And the cost per lead cannot be matched by traditional means of advertising.  OUR attendees represent hundreds of thousands of dollars in business. Make them YOUR clients by reserving your exhibit space today!

What To Expect At Our Expos:

  • Professionally-run, well-organized, well-orchestrated events
  • Comprehensive, hard-hitting advertising campaigns ensure quality attendance at every Expo
  • 65+ professional exhibitors at every Expo
  • Capped exhibitor categories
  • Qualified attendees ready to do business with you 
  • A vibrant, dynamic environment conducive to connecting your business with buyers
  • The lowest cost per lead compared to any traditional means of advertising